You should never say ‘I’m bored’ because there is so much to know, learn and experience. So if you are getting bored then you probably just have lack of interest in the things happening around you. Make knowledge your food and you will never stay hungry because there is just too much to know.

The truth

People do not realise the value and power of truth. Truth will always make your life more easy and simple. The lies may give you an exit from the problem for a little time but it will eventually lead you to the same problem only bigger and worse.


A lot of things can give you a momentary high in life but the people who make their greatest passion their work will stay high forever. Their energy and enthusiasm will never let the spark go away. So like they say ‘Do what you love, love what you do’.

Dream on

If you can dream it, you can have it. Dreams start coming true from the moment you start dreaming. You have the power to grant yourself all the wishes you ever had. Just be strong and remember that quitting will never be an option.  


Happiness is one thing for which we should not depend on anyone. If you have the power to make yourself happy then you are the most powerful person in the world and if you don’t have the power to make yourself happy then no one is more weak than you. No one will help you till you decide to help yourself. Trust me I speak from experience ….